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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Truly awesome poets from Power Writers respond in writing:

Looking at Me

by Patricia Holman

My heart is beating slowly
To the rhythm of silence
And for once, I can finally say…

There’s nothing to distract me
It’s just me
My journal, and
The craftiness of my pen

I look out towards my window
Trynna find some inspiration
Instead I see my cousin and his buddies
On the street

I redirect my vision
To the page below my hand
This is MY TIME
And I will not let any foolishness
Take control of me,
Let alone my mind

I look up towards the ceiling
Hoping maybe I’d see a vision
The vision that I make out
Is a vision of me
It’s what I wanna be

Without a blemish on my face
My skin looks like chocolate
My eyes are light brown
And there’s a dimple on each cheek

Check out my circumference
Which is lined with baby hair
Long locks to my breasts
Just a hint of grey hair

There’s a mole upon my shoulder
And my tits are perfectly round
My nipples just right
Not too hard, not too soft

Heading deeper to my core
My abs have the perfect 4 pack
My body like a coke bottle
Big across the top
Coming in around the middle

Now take a look at my behind
Lord knows, that thang is juicy
Nice and firm, with enough curve
To put a drink on it

My hips a 42
Check the swagga, when I sway
I make wide turns
So I put my signal on
Like a Mack truck

Put your face into my pocketbook
There’s not a stitch of hair nowhere
It’s like you’re on the Moon
There’s not a sign of life anywhere

My thighs are the thickest
You can’t but wanna taste ‘em
Like a milkshake
You couldn’t suck me through a straw

Talkin’ about suckin’
Face your eyes upon my toes
10 little piggies
Without a bunion or a corn
All in alignment

This is what I wish I could be
What I wish you could see
What I wish was me

But it’s not me…

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The debate continues....

NY Times:
Published: December 2, 2009
AIRBRUSH WITH THE LAW Valérie Boyer has proposed legislation in France that would require that all digitally altered photographs of people used in advertising be labeled as retouched.

Point, Shoot, Retouch and Label?

VALÉRIE BOYER is 47, a member of the French parliament and a divorced mother of three. She is tall, fashionable and, dare we say it, slim.

But she has also created a small furor here and abroad with her latest proposal: a draft law that would require all digitally altered photographs of people used in advertising be labeled as retouched.

Some think such a law would destroy photographic art; some think it might help reduce anorexia; some say the idea is aimed at the wrong target, given that nearly every advertising photograph is retouched. Others believe such a label might sensitize people to the fakery involved in most of the advertising images with which they’re bludgeoned.....